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Welcome to the New CPRNYDE Website

Welcome to the Coalition to Protect the Rights of New York’s Dually Eligible (CPRNYDE). We are a diverse coalition of over 50 consumer-based interests, agencies, and perspectives working to shape the managed care programs that coordinate care for 760,000 older and disabled New Yorkers who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.

CPRNDYE is the lead organization of the Voices for Better Health Project in New York, an initiative funded by Community Catalyst that seeks to improve the quality and affordability of care for people with both Medicare and Medicaid. The effort is spearheaded by the Medicare Rights Center and eight other Steering Committee organizations that provide a wealth of expertise and resources to CPRNYDE’s advocacy work.

This website is an opportunity for consumers, advocates, and other stakeholders to learn more about the CPRNYDE’s advocacy work related to Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) and the Fully-Integrated Duals Advantage (FIDA) programs here in New York State. It is the goal of CPRNYDE that low-income seniors and people with disabilities who are enrolled in MLTC and FIDA have access to quality health care that meets their needs. Our coalition members work to make State officials and private health plans aware of issues that prevent dual eligibles from accessing health services, and we aim to present solutions that solve these access problems.

To learn more about CPRNYDE’s work in New York, please visit the Policy Priorities section of the website or read up on our recent news. And if you ever need any specific information about CPRNYDE and our work and can’t find what you’re looking for on the website, contact us directly.

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Medicare Rights Center

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